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2012 Growing Season

So it is just a week or two since I picked the last pepper pods of 2011 and now it is time to turn my thoughts to 2012.

Over the past few years my seed box has grown and grown and rarely been cleared out as you can see. I’ve decided this is the year to throw away all my old seeds that are probably past it and grow a few varieties that I haven’t tried before.

Seed Box

For some reason I always end up growing a lot of habanero/scotch bonnets and Cayennes so this year I’m making a bit of effort to grow some more varieties I’ve not tried before. As a result, I’ve just purchased some seed from the excellent Simpson’s Seeds. Here are the varieties I’ve picked up:

Aji Hot

(Species: Cap Baccatum). These plants produce medium heated (short and thin) pods that look like short cayenne’s, maturing to a bright red from a pale yellow/green colour. The big things that attracted me to this Aji is that it is usually heavy yielding and can be overwintered. Hopefully these [plants will provide me with a large yield of chillies to use everyday for cooking.

Lemon Drop

(Species: Cap Baccatum). I’ve decided to grow these for their Lemony flavour. These 4cm long yellow pods should be quite a bit hotter than the Aji’s if not quite as prolific.

Rocoto Red

(Species: Cap Pubescens). These Rocoto’s produce roundish pods that aren’t that dis-similar from sweet peppers. Don’t let that deceive you though as they pack quite a punch in terms of heat. Like all Capsicum Pubescens the plants produce pretty purple coloured flowers and uniquely black seeds.

Ring of Fire

(Species: Cap Annum). Like most Annums these are easy to grow (apparently) and early fruiting. The pods are cayenne like and very hot. Hopefully I’ll have a heavy enough yield to dry them and make some paprika powder in the late summer.


We were out for a Mexican meal at the excellent Wahaca a couple of days ago (if you fancy trying authentic Mexican food – not the usual Tex Mex rubbish, you’ll love it). As a rather nice touch they give you a little pack of Serrano chilli seeds (again i’ve not grown these before) when you pay the bill so I’ll also be giving these ago this year.

Chilli Seeds

Unlike last year I  intend to start a bit earlier this year by planting some seeds soon after the New Year. I’ll report back once i’ve got some seeds in the ground. What are everyone else’s plans for this years growing? Share what varieties you’re planning to grow in the comments below.

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  • Legoman February 8, 2012, 9:40 pm

    Past 2 years I have just been planting on the window sill and growing things like jalapeños, hot wax and cayenne, but this year I have upped my game a bit and intend to blow my mates heads off with some hot stuff, I got a heated propagator and made my own grow box lined with simple kitchen foil and got a 2 ft twin floresent light and a 30w CFL, planted my seeds back end of December as I was overly keen to use my new stuff. I am growing the bhut jolokia and they have taken off like a shot, little bit of doubt in my mind that there not BJ’S but see how they go, twilight, purvien purple, scotch bonnet, red hab that are taking there time but still doing well, paper lantern and a few others I can’t remember their names, but have grown waaaaaaaay to many, no idea what I am going to do when they get a decent size for potting on, all in all my plants are doing really well, I also have a lady bird that’s living in the box, thought it was dead when I got the trays out and when I watered the plants it was up and crawling round the plants and has been there since, I just want them to be big and get them in my green house and start putting out some fruits, really looking forward to the p purples! Even the first 4 leave are amazing colours! Good luck to everyone out there!

    • The Chilli King February 9, 2012, 1:54 pm

      Legoman – Sounds like you’ve well and truly got the bug too! It’s always better to plant too many than too few. If you lose any to bugs/disease you should still have plenty. If you run out of room they always make nice presents. I wish i had yopur live in ladybird – the aphids have just struck in my grow box!!

  • Alex 2! January 23, 2012, 12:05 am

    hi Chilliking!
    Like you i have started a bit early this year. My first batch have nearly all germinated other than the white hab’s. Other plants i have started with are Demons, prairie fire, twilight, big jim, and pinochio’s nose. i put them in a lightbox like what you’ve done, they are doing really well! some have second set of leaves already! i put a 30w florecent light in a box made of plasterboard and lined it with foil. it’s a winner! will transfer those to a window sill propergator in next day or so and start my second batch including bhut jolokia! i rekon just a couple will germinate, have you tried growing bhut’s yet? if so, how did you get on?

    • The Chilli King January 23, 2012, 11:33 am

      Alex 2 – Glad they’re doing well. Watch out for leggy plants if you’re taking them away from the lights at this time of year. May not be a problem if your windowsill is nice and sunny.

      I tried Bhuts last year but planted way too late so didn’t get any fruit. I’m trying to overwinter one so fingers crossed!

  • Stu January 19, 2012, 3:42 pm

    Hi Chilli King (god)

    My peppers are out with a vengeance already planted them on the 8th of Jan and 2 leaves are out already used LED red & blue lights this year very effective so far! growing the basics as I’ve failed so horribley last year im growing habaneros peppers Fresno’s and Apache 🙂 got some awesome pics already.


  • P. Milo January 13, 2012, 12:45 pm

    Hi Chilli King
    What sort of wattage should Ibe looking at for the reptile heat mat as it varies from approx 4 watts up to 30 watts? Also did you manage to find the name of the lentils you used for your Dal Makhini?


    • The Chilli King January 14, 2012, 11:36 am

      The reptile matt I have is 27.5 watts – It is currently keeping my seeds at a steady 20 degrees celsius. Also the daal – we didn’t have much success with Natco, instead found that TRS branded “Urid Beans”, wich is basically black Daal.
      Good luck!

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