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Spring has sprung

Well it looks like Spring is here after a week of glorious sunshine. I’m still waiting for some of my seeds to germinate and am going to get busy planting some more in the next week or so.


As you can see below the one surviving chilli plant from last year is really getting going again. I’ve been quite diligent in putting it in our South facing conservatory during the day and moving it to our warmer living room at night. Last night we had another frost so it is worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast at this time of year. If possible move your plants or seedlings to a warm place at night as a cold drafty windowsill can kill young seedlings or fresh growth on an over wintered plant.

I mentioned in my last post that I’d planted quite a few old seeds I’ve had kicking around for quite a few years. After keeping them all in the airing cupboard for about 3 weeks only a couple of seeds germinated. After having top go away for a couple of days at short notice they perished while i was away so I have decided to stop flogging a dead horse and start again using fresh seeds.

It seems a bit of a waste but I’m going to throw out all of the old seeds that I’ve amassed over the last few years. This year I’ll do my best to use all of the seeds i buy so as to get the highest  germination rates and avoid wastage.

Being mid March already i’m a bit behind on my usual growing season so i’ll be using some artificial lighting in the coming weeks to play a bit of catch up once i finally get some chilli seedlings up and growing.

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