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Seedling Update

Time for a quick update on the class of 2012.

Below is one of the Serrano seedlings – all of which are looking very healthy. I’ve pretty much got rid of the aphids that had taken hold on the seedlings.

Serrano Seedling

The Aji Hot’s (below) are producing their first true sets of leaves thanks to my homemade grow box which is keeping them nice and warm in the cold weather as well as supplying them with lots of light.

Aji Hot Seedling 2nd Leaf

As you can see below the Rocoto Reds are really hairy little seedlings. They’re slower to grow and develop compared to the Serrano and Aji Hots

Hairy Rocotto Red Seedling

I’ve decide to move the old seeds i planted a week or two ago from the grow box to the airing cupboard. The weather here has been so cold (down to minus 14 at night) that I just don’t thin the grow box has been providing enough heat at night. Hopefully the extra heat 24/7 will help kick start some of these seed into life.

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