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Scorched Chilli Seedlings: The Survivors

As I mentioned a in a previous post one tray of my pepper seedlings got scorched last week after i left the propagator lid on while they were on a sunny windowsill one hot day.

As you can see in the photo below all but two of the seedlings got completely frazzled. Anyway i never got round to composting the tray and one week on and I’m amazed that these two Super Chilli F1’s are still alive and kicking. Both seedling had their seed leaves burnt completely burnt off.

Scorched Seedlings

The one on the right looks as if it is about to throw out some new leaves so I decided to make up for my negligence and take good care of these two.

At the weekend I re-potted them both into small 3 inch pots and will give them pride of place under the grow lights at night and in the chilli house by day to see if they manage to keep growing and get back on track. (Check out our potting on guide.)

Scorched Super Chilli

This just goes to show that chilli plants are remarkably tough plants and will take a fair bit of abuse. It is a bit of a mystery why so many people assume they must be very tough to grow, especially here in the UK’s mild climate. I’ve found them to be remarkably resilient over the years and seem to be able to adapt to some pretty tough conditions.

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  • Dave April 28, 2011, 1:00 pm

    Thanks For that. I am in south Wales. the weather is pretty good here but I get what you mean. I have successfully re-potted my chilli’s into bigger pots and they are enjoying the sun for the day! I cant wait for them to start flowering that’s when the fun begins. So about when do you start leaving them outside? end of May beginning of June?

    Thanks Dave

    • The Chilli King April 28, 2011, 1:23 pm

      Dave – It really depends on the weather. Once night time temps are over 12-14 degrees i’ll leave them out. Good luck!

  • Dave April 27, 2011, 7:03 pm

    Hi Again Chilli King,

    Thanks for the advice i will be doing this tomorrow. i wanted to ask another question do you think it is too early for them to be outside as they are in a grow house or should they be inside until it warms up more?

    Thanks Dave

    • The Chilli King April 27, 2011, 8:52 pm

      Dave – Depends where you are. I am in the South East and am keeping mine inside still. If the forecast looks sunny and warm i move them out in the morning and bring them in again at night.

  • Dave April 27, 2011, 10:21 am

    Hi Chilli king,

    just a quick question. I have 6 new chilli plants 2 scotch bonnet 2 jalepeno and 2 cheyenne. they are all successfully grown into small plants the tallest being my jalepeno at about 5 maybe 6 inches tall. i have them all in one grow bag as the man in B&Q said this would be ok. they are outside now in my with my tomatoes i am trying to grow also. after reading your website i have found it very helpful by the way i was wondering whether it would be worth actually taking the plants out and putting them into seperate pots if so what size pots would you say. i read that you use 10″ is that when they are more grown or would now be a good tie to do this?

    any advice would be appreciated!


    • The Chilli King April 27, 2011, 4:30 pm

      Dave – If i were you i’d re-pot them into individual pots. Doing so will give you the flexibility to move the plants, isolate any problem plants and also possibly over winter them at the end of the summer. I wouldn’t pot them into 10 inch pots now, always aim to pot them on to slightly larger pots every few weeks till you get to the final size. Take a look at the post on potting on chillies for more info.

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