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Pizza Sauce Recipe

I’ve been on a mission to perfect my homemade pizza sauce. If you are going to the trouble of making your own pizza sauce it is absolute sacrelage to use a ready made tomatoe sauce when you can make something much nicer is less than five minutes. After much experimentation here is what i’ve come up with.


Half a jar of tomato pasata
A good few sprigs of fresh thyme (must be fresh)
A handful of fresh basil leaves
1 fresh chilli (ideally a red cayenne but variety is unimpotant and depend on your taste/preference)
Half a clove of garlic
A dash of olive oil
2 fresh finely chopped tomatoes


Simply add the garlic to the hot oil and fry until it starts to go golden. Then simply through in the remaining ingrediants, bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat for a minimum of ten minutes. The longer you simmer for, the more intense the tomato flavour will get, just make sure the heat is low so it does not burn. When you are ready top use simply puch the sauce through a seive to remove and lumps of garlic, tomato, chili etc.

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