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Spring Has Sprung

Time seems to be flying by and as we kiss goodbye to February we’ve had a scorcher of a day here, nice and mild with bright blue skies. Thanks to my homemade grow box the first batch of this years seedlings are looking really healthy and growing at a rapid rate, as you can see by the Aji Hot below.

Aji Hot Seedling

Rocoto Red Seedling

The Rocoto Reds are definitely growing at a slower rate than the others. That said they still look healthy and they’ve got plenty of time to catch up so i’m not overly concerned.

The great weather today inspired me to pot on the 3 Aji Hots and 9 Serrano seedlings in to 3.5″ pots. As ever some of the seedlings were looking a bit leggy (tall and spindly) so I planted them a little deeper, using my preferred potting mix. Doing so encourages the plants to form more roots from the buried stem, making for stronger plans in the long run.

As well as potting the seedlings on I thought it about time to get them under some more serious lights, more specifically my 125W CFL Nurturlite Setup. I’ve still not got round to building a serious grow cupboard for this lighting setup, so for now it’s slung under a table in the chilli house.

Chili Grow Light Set Up

Aji Hot Under Grow Lights

Rocoto Red Under Grow Lights


Hopefully now they are under some more powerful lights leggy seedlings shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll just need to keep an eye on the temperature under the lights to ensure they don’t get scolded from being too close. Also as the chilli house is detached from the [human] house i’ll need to keep an eye on the weather forecast an if necessary get some heating on in there over night to keep the temperature up.

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