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Popular Chilli Growing Accessories

Now that the chilli growing season is well under way and we are all worrying about our young plants I thought i’d draw together a list of some of the accessories I have found useful for getting me through this next stage in the season.

Chilli Focus Plant Food

Chilli Focus Pepper Plant food – This is the only plant food we are aware of that is formulated specifically for growiung chillies.

Lady Bird Nest Box – We are all in favour of natural remedies to problems with pests. It is well known that ladybirds are the most effective predator of aphids. These nest boxes provide ladybirds a perfect abode in your garden from which to launch attacks on any aphids eating their way through your chilli plants.

Nemaslug Nematodes – These are natural bacteria that are very effective at controlling slugs over the period of a few weeks. They are the cleanest, most environmentally friendly and effective solution we’ve found so far to control our slug problems.

Plastic 3 Tier Greenhouse – Whether you are taking your first steps into chilli growing (or gardening in general) or just planted too many seeds in March and need some more room these cheap greenhouses are well worth the £20 they cost!

Parasene Greenhouse Heater – We keep saying it but chilli plants need as much heat and light as you can give them. I am always amazed how much difference it makes having my plants in a heated greenhouse at night. Cool night time temperatures really can slow down growth.

The Complete Chilli Pepper Book – This is the “chilli bible”. A comprehensive guide to choosing, growing, preserving and cooking with chillies.

Chilli Jewelery – We often hear from our male readers about their other halves worried that they give more attention to their tender chilli plants than them. Well, with these great chilli bracelets you can redress that balance!

Is there anything that has helped your plants prosper this year? Let us know using the comment form below.

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