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Pickled Jalapeno Recipe

If you like chillies you’ll love pickled jalapenos. They are not only great on pizzas but are also a tasty addition to sandwiches, salsa, chilli or any Tex Mex dishes.

Pickled Jalapenos Ingredients

Washed sliced Jalapeno peppers
1 Large Jar
4 parts Vinegar
1 part Water
1 part Olive Oil
1 teaspoon of salt


Add all of the ingredients except the jalapenos to a pan and bring to the boil.

In the meantime wash and slice enough Jalapeno peppers to fill your jar and pack them in tight.

After boiling the mixture for ten minutes pour over the Jalapenos until the jar is full. Then seal the jar and boil in water for ten minutes to steralise.

The jalapenos should last for a good few months once pickled like this. As soon as you open the jar store in the refridgerator.

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