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Naga Lotta Growth

It’s amazing what you find at the back of the greenhouse sometimes. Yesterday I was rooting round trying to find the labels that i dropped down the back of the staging and low and behold there were two naga chilli plants i’d fogotten about months ago!

Stunted Naga Chilli Plants

Amazingly the plants were still alive despite not having been watered for several weeks at least. They’d been out of direct sunlight on the lower shelf of the staging which probably explains how they managed to not die of thirst. After giving them a bit of water (and some feed) they soon perked up and actually look surprisingly healthy, if a little on the small side!

Considering it is August already I very much doubt the plants will have enough time to develop so I won’t get any ripe chillies from them this year. Instead I think I’ll have to be satisfied with over wintering the plants and hoping to get a good head start on next years growing season.

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  • Ged August 28, 2011, 3:30 pm

    I am growing bhut jalokia,habs and jalapeño chillies in my greenhouse in southern Scotland,there’s been a distinct lack of sun this year and as a result I have lots of fruit but they are slow to ripen,I decided to put a heater in the greenhouse to keep the temperature in the 20s and low and behold things seem to be ripening nicely. Could this be because of the extra heat , also how long in to the winter is it possible to keep these plants growing in my greenhouse if I continue to provide heat.

    • The Chilli King October 11, 2011, 11:55 am

      Ged – The heat will almost certainly help. The next problem will be lack of light.

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