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Growing Update

Every year around this time I always seem to have the same problem…what to do with my chilli plants when I’m away on holiday?

This year was no different. No sooner had a planted my super hots and got a decent crop of tender seedlings growing when all of a sudden it was time to head off to somewhere warm and sunny for two weeks, abandoning my crop.

Luckily for me my father was willing to shoulder the responsibility of nurturing my seedlings in his grow box (which is a replica of the one I used to use). Well it’s been an extra week either side of the holiday and so a total of 4 weeks since I last saw the first of this years crop.

I’m pleased to say that the plants have been doing great since I dropped them off. They’ve been held at a steady 20 degrees Celsius and been given almost 24/7 light! As you can see the foliage on most of the plants is looking incredibly lush and the growth has been very compact on most of the plants.

I’ve now got the plants set up inside my new grow cupboard. So far it’s performing really well. It’s in an unheated shed that bears the brunt of the cold wind and despite the near freezing temperatures outside last night it was holding just under 19 degrees inside under the lights.

Hot PeppersIn the Grow BoxOrange RocotoIn the Grow Box2

Meanwhile it is high time I got some annuum varieties sown. I started off last night by planting a load of Apache’s. I’l add to this over the next few days with some other varieties. All we need now is for some decent weather to finally appear so Spring can get underway once and for all.

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