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Chilli House Update

Inside the chilli house the plants are looking nice and healthy. On the left in a terracotta pot is an Orange Rocoto that is flowering but hasn’t set any pods yet. In the quadgrow from left to right is a Moruga Scorpian, Red Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate Habanero and Cayenne. All four plants have plenty of developed pods on them but but none have ripened yet.

The chilli house isn’t south facing so doesn’t get that much direct sun, just a few hours in the morning. Despite that i usually get plenty of ripe pods and using the self watering quadgrows really helps things speed along.

Moruga Scorpian Choc Habanero Chillie Choc Habanero Pod


Above are some unripe chocolate habanero and red scotch bonnets. The bottom shot shows the Moruga Scorpian looking mean with it’s wrinkled skin. These chillies look so hot when they’re ripe. I can’t wait until they’re ready.

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