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2009 Chilli Growing Season Progress

As mentioned in my last update I put my plants under a cfl grow light to give them a boost having started off this season so late. As you can see from the pictures the plants have made great progress under the lights

At the weekend I re potted the plants from the 3″ plastic drinking cups they were in to either 6″ or 8″ pots depending on the size of the plants.

Varieties I am growing this year are:

  • Bulgarian Carrot
  • Orange Habanero
  • Chocolate Habanero
  • Apache
  • Super Chilli F1
  • Scotch Bonnet

So far the best looking plants are the Bulgarian Carrots, Scotch Bonnets and the Orange and Chocolate Habaneros. The Scotch Bonnet has started to produce a few flowers which is pleasing as they can take quite a while to flower and fruit.

Unfortunately the downside to re potting into larger pots is that they no longer all fit under my 125W gro light. As a result some of the plants have moved out of the cellar and into a mini greenhouse outside. It will be interesting to compare the different growth rates between the two sets of plants. The big downside is that our current garden is very small and doesn’t receive a huge amount of direct sun light thanks to the neighbouring buildings (not to mention the unreliable British weather!).

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